Ofisplan platform overview

Analytics Space Utilization Optimization


Save your users time by making it easy to meet Make better decisions with detailed reports
Whether you’re a CIO, facilities planner, registrar or conference center manager, Ofisplan reporting provides the insights you need to increase productivity and reduce costs. Track, understand and optimize your operations with a custom query builder and more than 25 built-in and automated reports.
Report on every aspect of your operations
Get on-demand access to all of your space, service and resource data. Ofisplan allows you to track critical metrics such as space usage, cancellations, group and meeting type, service changes and more. 

Increase teamwork and collaboration
Floor managers and Ofisplan administrators can help foster innovation and a collaborative environment by seating business units or project teams together in designated areas or neighborhoods.
Using Ofisplan, employees can be ideally situated for productivity and proximity to the resources they need, whether they're working from their primary office or visiting a remote company location.

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