Ofisplan platform overview



Create a comprehensive solution
Standalone systOfisplan are a thing of the past. With Ofisplan, you can integrate most hardware and software systOfisplan through our connectors, partner solutions and the Ofisplan API.

Take advantage of our enterprise cloud hosted solution or host internally in your data center
We make it easy to connect the systems you rely on. Your data is a top priority for OfisPlan. As you grow, we grow with you.Initial set up can be ready in hours.One code base guarantees you will always have the latest features
No limitations on how or where you access.

In today’s workforce, ‘flexibility’ is becoming less of an exception, and more of the norm. Workers and employers alike have come to expect some degree of flexibility in the workplace in order to better accommodate family commitments, expanding customer service demands or multi-time zone operations.
Whether flexible work arrangements in your company means job-sharing, non-standard working hours or working from home, keeping the entire team productive means sharing accurate information on when and where individuals are available to work. 

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